We do not have much in the way of rules – just a few parameters to keep us on point.

1. For our purposes, a small town has a population of under 20,000.

Distinctive neighborhood areas within a larger urban area can also be included if they have an identity all their own. Some small towns are actually suburbs of larger cities.

2. There are no rules about how and where you sketch, except that you must have actually visited the scene you are sketching in order to have a “feel” for it. Some sketchers like to work on site and some document the scene and/or start the sketch, and then work at home or in the car, in a coffee shop etc. Do what makes you comfortable.

3. It’s ok to use your artistic license and embellish or enhance your sketch. This is art, and we are interested in your personal perspective.

4. Please post your sketch with this info:

The name of the small town and state or country in which it is located.

The population of the town (Google is good for finding this).

A brief bit of the  “story” behind the sketch – or what moved you to do the sketch, or any interesting history about what is in the sketch. Please keep it brief for the sake of flow on the blog. We reserve the right to excerpt descriptions that are too long with a link to your post for the rest of the story.

5. Add the hashtag #smalltownsketchers to your post on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, so your sketch can be found. If you wish your sketch to be picked for this blog, please send a permission email for our files (see the About page).

6. Sketches may have been completed at any time, so search those older sketchbooks for small town scenes.

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